The size of the satellite antenna dish required or recommended for a particular application depends on a number of factors, including:

Frequency band: C-band signals require larger dishes (usually 3-8 feet in diameter) to receive, while Ku-band signals can be received with smaller dishes (usually 18 inches to 3 feet in diameter).

Location: The distance to the satellite and the presence of obstructions (such as trees or buildings) can affect the size of the dish required. Generally, the farther the satellite is from your location and the more obstructions there are, the larger the dish will need to be.

Signal strength: Stronger signals can be received with smaller dishes, while weaker signals may require a larger dish.

Application: The type of service being received (television, internet, etc.) and the desired level of quality can also impact the size of the dish required.

In general, it is recommended to use the largest dish that is practical for your location and application, as larger dishes are typically able to receive weaker signals and provide a more stable connection. However, it is always a good idea to check with the service provider or a satellite dealer to get specific recommendations for your particular situation.

Use the table below to calculate the minimum size dish needed.

What is the satellite antenna dish size required or recommended?Pas 9 What is the satellite antenna dish size required or recommended?Galaxy 3C What is the satellite antenna dish size required or recommended?Galaxy 19 What is the satellite antenna dish size required or recommended?Galaxy 10R

Satellite Footprints (Other satellites footprints can be found here)

Dish sizes are minimum for ‘Top Grade’ reception


C-Band Ku-Band
DTH Size
39.0 1.9 2.5 50.0 55
38.0 2.1 2.9 49.0 60
37.0 2.3 3.1 48.0 65
36.0 2.6 3.5 47.0 72
35.0 2.8 3.8 46.0 77
34.0 3.1 4.2 44.0 95
33.0 3.5 4.8 42.0 115
32.0 3.9 5.4 40.0 138
31.0 4.3 6.1 38.0 175

SMATV: satellite master antenna television

LNBF noise figure performance requirements:

  • C-Band: Minimum 25deg LNB
  • KU Band: 0.6dB LNB


Satellite Dish Assembly Diagrams:

Download Assembly Diagram

Motorize your Antenna to surf multiple satellites
Add a DiSEqC 1.2 Compatible MOTOR


Know your rights: Note that any dish up to 1 meter ( 39.37″) in diameter is permitted “by federal law” to be installed any place in the USA whether it at an apartment complex, duplex, town home, rental or owned, subject to some restrictions.  Read and download the complete federal regulations details here 


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