Prepare for a possible second wave of coronavirus COVID-19

Prepare possible second wave coronavirus covid 19

World media sources are talking about a second wave of coronavirus. Which means more shutdowns and regulations are coming. Based on these reports, you may need to prepare yourself and families for extended times of quarantine coming in about one to four months. The World Health Organization declared 22 June to be the highest single […]

Crypto Currency accepted as payment in the future at Sadoun Sales

Crypto currency accepted as payment at sadoun sales

Pay with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies We may start accepting payment for online orders in Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum coin ETH, Tether USDT, and Litecoin LTC. Follow the steps below for   Step 1 Put all items in the shopping cart. Step 2 Proceed to Checkout Step 3 Fill in all necessary customer information, including […]

Face mask is required now to go to work or in Public in many countries and states

1pc women summer sun facemask wome

New York Issues Executive Order Requiring Employers to Provide Essential Workers with Face Masks On April 13, 2020, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order (“EO”) 202.16, requiring employers to provide essential workers with face coverings to wear when in direct contact with customers or the public. San Francisco, California is now one of five Bay Area […]

PDF Instructional Users Installation Manuals Download

Installing a motorized satellite system with an hh-mount motor, diseqc & usals compatible motors

Here you may find some older PDF manuals for satellite dishes, receivers, remotes, etc. that may come handy sometime Safety: Safe-Battery-Disposal   Satellite Bundles: Stationary-FTA-system-set-up (Product) Motorized-FTA-system-set-up (Product)   Satellite Receivers: (Product) Globecast WorldTV SE830 Receiver Manual Globecast 75e Satellite Receiver Manual Dish 621 Satellite Receiver Manual Fortec 5900 Satellite Receiver Manual Fortec CLASSIC NA […]


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