Satellites List

Here is a list of satellites as listed on  Some channels listed are DVB FTA ( Free-To-Air ) and some are encrypted (Pay TV).  Note that these lists can become out of date quickly as frequencies and channels change often.  With an FTA system you can only watch the unscrambled clear DVB channels with an F.  Other scrambled channels are not free and require a subscription from their provider.

North & South America Satellites
Longitude Satellite Name
61.5°W EchoStar 3
Rainbow 1
63.0°W Estrela do Sul 1
65.0°W Brasilsat B2
70.0°W Brasilsat B4
72.0°W Nahuel 1
72.5°W DirecTV 1R
74.0°W Horizons 2
75.0°W Brasilsat B1
79.0°W AMC 2 & AMC 5
82.0°W Nimiq 4
83.0°W AMC 9
84.0°W Brasilsat B3
85.0°W AMC 16
87.0°W AMC 3
89.0°W Galaxy 28
91.0°W Galaxy 17
Nimiq 1
93.0°W Galaxy 25
95.0°W Galaxy 3C
97.0°W Galaxy 19
99.0°W Galaxy 16
99.2°W Spaceway 2
101.0°W DirecTV 4S/8
101.1°W DirecTV 9S
Longitude Satellite Name
102.8°W Spaceway 1
103.0°W AMC 1
105.0°W AMC 15
105.0°W AMC 18
107.3°W Anik F1
Anik F1R
110.0°W DirecTV 5
EchoStar 8
EchoStar 10
111.0°W WildBlue 1
111.1°W Anik F2
113.0°W SatMex 6
114.9°W Solidaridad 2
115.0°W XM 4
116.8°W SatMex 5
119.0°W Anik F3
EchoStar 7
DirecTV 7S
121.0°W EchoStar 9/Galaxy 23
123.0°W Galaxy 18
125.0°W Galaxy 14
127.0°W Galaxy 13/Horizons 1
129.0°W EchoStar 5
Galaxy 27
131.0°W AMC 11
133.0°W Galaxy 15
135.0°W AMC 10
137.0°W AMC 7
139.0°W AMC 8
148.0°W EchoStar 1
EchoStar 2


Atlantic Satellites
Longitude Satellite Name
1.0°W Thor 2
Thor 3
Intelsat 10-02
4.0°W Amos 1
Amos 2
5.0°W Atlantic Bird 3
7.0°W Nilesat 101
Nilesat 102
Atlantic Bird 4
8.0°W Telecom 2D (incl. 1.1°)
Atlantic Bird 2
11.0°W Express A3
12.5°W Atlantic Bird 1
14.0°W Express A4
15.0°W Telstar 12
18.0°W Intelsat 901
20.0°W Intelsat 603 (incl. 4.6°)
22.0°W NSS 7
Longitude Satellite Name
24.5°W Intelsat 905
27.5°W Intelsat 907
30.0°W Hispasat 1C
Hispasat 1D
31.5°W Intelsat 801
34.5°W Intelsat 903
37.5°W Telstar 11 (incl. 3.0°)
NSS 10
40.5°W NSS 806
43.0°W Intelsat 6B
Intelsat 3R
45.0°W Intelsat 1R
50.0°W Intelsat 705
53.0°W Intelsat 707
55.5°W Intelsat 805
58.0°W Intelsat 9
61.0°W Amazonas



C-Band only C & Ku Band Ku Band only
8′ and up dish size req’d 18″ and up dish size req’d

What is C Band & KU Band?

  • C-Band:   Frequencies between 3.700 – 4.200 GHz are on C-Band and require a satellite dish 7.5′ (2.25m) or larger.

  • Ku-Band:  Frequencies between 10.700-12.750 GHz are on Ku-Band.  Most Ku-Band satellites require a 30″ dish or larger.  To verify what size dish you will need, check the footprint of the satellite for your area or click here!


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