Worldwide Free-To-Air Satellite Channels

Here is a list of all of worldwide Free-To-Air channels available on satellite as listed on Lyngsat.

These may or may not be available in North America. Verify that your channel of interest is available on one of the satellites located between 40°W – 160°W to be able to watch it in North America.


Recommended Free to Air

Satellite System


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Free TV – North America *

Free TV – South America

Free TV – Africa

Free TV – Europe

Free TV – Middle East

Free TV – Asia

Free TV – Pacific



Next Step:

To watch the above free to air channels, you will need to buy a free to air (FTA) satellite system:

We have two main options for you:

  • Stationary FTA System: Purchase a stationary satellite system such as the S-1 system. Since most of the free to air ethnic channels are on one satellite IA5 (97W), a stationary system should be just fine. On IA5 there are over 100 free to air channels from several countries. The S-1 system is easy to setup and should not take you more than 2 hrs to get installed. If you need some installation help, check our Technical Support section.

  • Motorized FTA System: If you are a satellite enthusiast and want to receive more channels, then a motorized FTA satellite system like the M-1 system is a good choice for you. The difference between the M-1 and the S-1 system is that the M-1 includes a motor that allows you to move the dish East/West to track more satellites. The motorized system is little more challenging to install as it takes more accuracy to align the dish. We have prepared a help page on installing a motorized system which is a must read if you don’t have experience in this.

* Disclaimer: We don’t claim or guarantee that these channels will remain free for any period of time. Some of these channels may go off the air at some point or become encrypted and new channels may show up. The list above reflects what is available to our knowledge. One of the best pages to check all available satellite channels and their frequencies is


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