This lecture is about SOLAR ENERGY and SOLAR ENERGY ADVANTAGES and SOLAR ENERGY FACTS. This animated lecture will clear your concept about solar energy and how it reaches the earth. Also, it will teach you that how can we convert solar energy into useful energy like Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy.

Solar energy is the energy of the sun that reaches the earth through sunlight. We can easily convert solar energy into other useful energy like electrical energy. Than we can convert electrical energy into heat energy, kinetic energy and potential energy.

How solar energy reaches the earth?
Solar energy reaches the earth through the sunlight. We use solar cells to save the solar energy. Photo voltaic cells are also used to save solar energy. Secondly solar panels are used to save all the solar energy into electrical energy.

What are the application of Solar Energy?
Solar energy is used in Artificial Satellites.
Solar energy is used in solar calculators.
Solar energy is used in industrial zones.
Solar energy is used in Solar cars.


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