Top 5 Best Compact 9mm Pistols To Conceal Carry

Top 5 Best Compact 9mm Pistols To Conceal Carry
Are you looking for the best handguns for concealed carry of 2022? These are some of the best pistols for concealed carry we found so far:

1. CZ P10 Micro
2. Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact
3. Sig Sauer P320 Xcompact Spectre
4. Ruger Max 9
6. Glock 26 Gen5
7. Walther PPQ SC (Sub Compact)
8. Springfield Armory Hellcat
9. FN 509 Compact MRD
10. Mossberg MC1SC
This is it, the battle of the best compact 9mm handguns. We’re not focused on tiny micro-compact handguns here, although you can stow them. These are slightly bigger and comfier.
Picking out the right compact pistol for concealed carry is important. There are a lot of different pistols out there claiming to be the best and it’s my goal to help you navigate this landscape to the best of my ability by putting what I consider to be the three best compact concealed carry 9mm pistols out there on the market right now.
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