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Closer to Zero: Impacts of Toxic Element Exposure and Nutrition at Different Developmental Stages

The purpose of the public meeting is to discuss the scope of the Closer to [...]

What are the safe EMF levels?

What are the safe exposure levels of EMFs in our environment? An answer to this [...]

Induction Stove Radiation Test – Safe EMF Levels Measured

Induction Cooktop EMF Radiation- What You Must Know Induction cooktops are a very popular addition [...]

DECLASSIFIED – FDA Information About Radiation Sickness – similarity to Covid Afflictions.

In the document declassified in 1972 (produced by the United States Naval Medical Research Institute) [...]

5G, Wireless Radiation and Health: A Scientific and Policy Update

Dr. Devra Davis (HUJI) 2020 Expert Forum: Wireless and Cellphone Radiation and Public Policy Tel [...]

The TRUTH about Smartphone Radiation

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Are AirPods Strong Enough to Fry Your Brain?

AirPods! Love them or hate them, they've become one of the top tech accessories for [...]