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What Is The M17 Project & ARDC?

I got to visit with the M17 team at Hamcation to talk about their open [...]

Meshtastic LoRa Vs. Gotenna Mesh – Best Off-Grid Encrypted Communications?

Which encrypted mesh device is right for you? Meshtastic LoRa Devices, or Gotenna Mesh? The [...]

Hamcation Floor Walk & Live Satellite Contacts

Want the best HT antenna? Signal Stuff Signal Stick https://signalstuff.com/?ref=622 (This is an affliate link) [...]

Quick Start: Learn To Copy Morse Code

For most, the major hurdle to learning Morse Code is receiving and understanding the code, [...]

It's Time To Learn Morse Code. Let The Long Island CW Club Help!

We welcome back my friends from the Long Island CW Club https://longislandcwclub.org/ to talk about [...]

Build A Tuna Can Morse Code Ham Radio

Tonight we build the QRPme Lil'Squall 40 meter CW transceiver. This kit comes with crystals [...]

My Favorite Ham Radio Power Solution – PowerFilm Solar LightSaver Max

The PowerFilm LightSaver Max is my favorite ham radio power solution. This panel is perfect [...]

Ham Nation: ICOM ID-52a Winner, Making ISS Contacts, Maritime Parades & Function Generator Kit

Thanks for watching the Ham Nation “Ugly Sweater” episode! We're live with Gordo to talk [...]

Setting Up Node Red For Ham Radio Shack Automation

We welcome Kyle AA0Z onto the Ham Radio Crash Course to talk about Node Red [...]

"What Ham Radio Should I buy" Isn't the first question to ask.

Ham radios are awesome. There are so many out there that it can be daunting [...]