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Best HF Ham Radio for Off Grid Survival

Best HF ham radio for Off Grid survival Choosing the best HF ham radio for [...]

Welcome To Ham Radio Basics !

Welcome To ham radio Basics ! About this video: Welcome To ham radio Basics ! [...]

Common Myths Of Ham Radio For Prepping

There are many misunderstandings in how ham radio works when the SHTF. This video will [...]

I think this is the best portable ham radio antenna I've used!

I feel this is likely to be the perfect moveable ham radio antenna I've used, [...]

How to monitor Ham Radio frequencies in the Russian-Ukraine war

In this video I want to share some of the frequencies to monitor regarding the [...]

Ham Radio DEAL?! Don't Fall For This HAM RADIO SCAM!

I wanted to make the public aware of a fairly common scam, so you don't [...]

THE FUN OF HAM RADIO #retevis #baofeng #prepper #offgrid M7KPX

mini offgrid passed his ham radio licence and now allowed to broadcast live. we take [...]

HAM RADIO and cooking with wood in a HOT TENT | Mexican inspired recipe

I camp for the second time in the OneTigris Rock Fortress tent. Learning from the [...]

Ham Radio: End Fed Half Wave Antenna – A Great Simple Multi-band Antenna

I keep coming back to the efhw as my go to straight up and away [...]

President Thomas AM/FM CB RADIO Has Arrived! An In Depth Look At the first FM CB In The USA.

I am blessed to be one of the first people in the USA to have [...]