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"Honey, Who Shrunk My KX2?"

The FX-4C 10 watt QRP radio is a small QRP radio that covers 6 through [...]

My Favorite Ham Radio Power Solution – PowerFilm Solar LightSaver Max

The PowerFilm LightSaver Max is my favorite ham radio power solution. This panel is perfect [...]

Ham Nation: ICOM ID-52a Winner, Making ISS Contacts, Maritime Parades & Function Generator Kit

Thanks for watching the Ham Nation “Ugly Sweater” episode! We're live with Gordo to talk [...]

Setting Up Node Red For Ham Radio Shack Automation

We welcome Kyle AA0Z onto the Ham Radio Crash Course to talk about Node Red [...]

"What Ham Radio Should I buy" Isn't the first question to ask.

Ham radios are awesome. There are so many out there that it can be daunting [...]

My Favorite Ham Radio Gear Of 2021 – Gift Guide

Time to look back over 2021 and talk about my favorite gear, why I like [...]

Xiegu X6100 HF Ham Radio First Look

We are looking at the *first* production X6100 radio from Xiegu and Radioddity. This radio [...]

Wireless, Off-Grid, No-License Communication For $27.99 (LoRa Meshtastic)

The LoRa Meshtastic T-BEAM device are small battery powered devices that will mesh with other [...]

BaoFeng Ham Radio From Noob to Skilled in 60 minutes

Today we're trying a new kind of live stream. We're taking the Baofeng UV5R and [...]

POTA & Air Show? Buddistick Pro, ICOM IC-705 QRP Amateur Radio Activation

I activated park K-7377 with my ICOM IC-705 and Buddistick Pro. It turns out during [...]