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Waking Bare Feet, Earthing and Grounding Benefits

Connecting with nature has numerous benefits that we can experience by simply walking barefoot on [...]

How to use a CB, and what all those knobs do.

DIY for CBers. Basics of CB radio for those who are new. Here's a look [...]

How to Shield a Room Step-by-Step Guide | EMF Protection

How to Shield a Room Step by Step Guide | EMF Protection In this video, [...]

Stationary FTA satellite system system set-up

Stationary FTA satellite system system set-up Dear valued customer. Thank you for your purchase of [...]

Easy Satellite Dish Antenna Installation Instructions New 2020

Satellite Dish Antenna Installation Overview The manual is organized into steps that need to be [...]

Easily Install Motorized Satellite System Using 1 HH-Mount DiSEqC & USALS Motors

Installing a Motorized Satellite System Using an HH-Mount Motor, DiSEqC & USALS Compatible Motors, please [...]

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Grounding the Satellite System To Avoid Lightning Damage

Grounding a satellite system is the process of attaching the system to a ground wire [...]

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