If you’re using an infrared sauna to detox, you don’t want to be blasted by EMFs. In this video I’ve tested the SunStream Sauna Evolve 20 for:

✅ Radiowaves and microwaves
✅ Magnetic fields
✅ Electric fields
✅ Electric cables and grounding to the electric grid of the sauna
✅ Bluetooth connection, even when connected to your phone

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Infrared Sauna Buyers’ Guide: Everything You Need To Know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2z0KWjq73s


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00:00 Start
00:20 Intro
02:30 About SunStream Evolve Sauna
03:56 Bluetooth and Wires
06:30 Testing Microwaves
10:50 Testing Magnetic Field
16:30 Testing Electric Field
19:10 Final Thoughts

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