Stationary FTA satellite system system set-up

Dear valued customer. Thank you for your purchase of a Stationary Satellite system.

Once you have set up your system you will enjoy many hours of FREE Satellite broadcasting from the U.S. and around the world. Here are a few simple steps to follow.

Dish Alignment Quick Start

Motorized Dish Instructions:

  1. Assemble your dish according to instructions included with your dish.
  2. Mount your dish on its mast. Make sure mast is 100% plumb (vertical) and solid using an inclinometer or water level.
  3. Install your LNBF on your dish. Calculate your Azimuth (magnetic), Elevation, and LNBF Skew for your location here:
  4. Tilt the LNBF to compensate for polarization skew. The slashes on the LNB/holder represent 5 degrees each. If you are not sure think in terms of a clock with each hour being 30 degrees of a circle. If you are aiming the dish at Galaxy 19 97W:   For example, in Columbus, OH: LNBF should be turned 16 degrees counter clockwise when facing the dish.
  5. Turn your dish towards the Azimuth (magnetic) using a compass and hand tighten screws.
  6. Adjust dish Elevation to correct value and hand tighten screws.
  7. Connect your satellite receiver to the LNBF using RG6 coaxial cable. Make sure the receiver is “OFF” when you do that. Now, turn your receiver “ON”

Receiver Quick Start:

  1. The highlight will be on “Antenna Setup” by default. Click OK on the remote.
  2. The receiver is setup by default for Galaxy 19 – 97W and UNIVERSAL LNBF
  3. LNB types:

If the LNB LO Freq is 9750/10600 then this is a UNIVERSAL LNBF(Default)

If the LNB LO Freq is 10750, then this is a STANDARD LNB

If you have an Invacom Quad (4 ports) 2 say “L” / 2 say “C” Connect an “L” to your motor and use 10750 for lnb type

  1. Change transponder to 11874 or 12122. Leave the rest of the settings as is.
  2. Now adjust your dish azimuth angle by hand until you see the “Signal Quality” bar appears and measures between 30-80 percent. 

Note: If you don’t see the “Signal Quality” bar that means your dish is not aligned to the correct satellite. Adjust the dish elevation 1 degree at a time up or down, then try again adjusting your Azimuth angle slowly. Only when you have a perfect alignment to the desired satellite is when you will see the “Signal Quality” bar turn on.

  1. Once you have the highest “Signal Level” and Signal Quality” (the goal is >40% ), press the “SEARCH” on the screen to perform a power scan on the satellite for all available FTA channels. A new screen will show the scan progress.
  2. When the scan is completed, the receiver will save the data.

Congratulations, you just loaded your receiver!

If you need more help you can hire a professional installer to install the system for you. You can also visit ouf  technical forums at and inquire there.

While the installation is not difficult, it does require that you have some experience in electrical wiring and minor construction techniques. Also, you may have to climb a ladder, so you’ll want to be comfortable working with heights. Most of our customers have successfully installed the satellite system by themselves. Installation of the system is entirely your responsibility. Guidelines and tips provided on this website are intended to help you achieve a successful installation of your new satellite system. You are advised to consult a professional installer

if you need more support.

Professional Installation is recommended if you have difficulty locating and locking on your favorite satellite. After you have purchased the satellite system, you may contact a professional to install the system for you. There is a fee for installation.

Note: Make sure to ask if the installer you want to hire has the experience with MOTORIZED FTA system installation.

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Download this instructional pdf file

Stationary fta satellite system system set-upStationary-FTA-system-set-up

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