Professional Installation of your Free To Air Satellite and Installation

Finding a Satellite Installer Near me:

While the installation is not difficult, it does require that you have some experience in electrical wiring and minor construction techniques. Also, you may have to climb a ladder, so you’ll want to be comfortable working with heights. Most of our customers have successfully installed the satellite system by themselves.

Self Install DIY

Ever installed a light switch, ceiling fan, basketball hoop and programmed a VCR? If so, you might consider installing your own satellite system. Over 80% of all Glorystar satellite system owners have either self installed the system or had a friend or family member assist. All that is needed to perform a self install is 2 or 3 hours, a small portable TV, patience to read and follow the included step by step instructions and a few simple hand tools.


Satellite dish antenna diy self-installer guide manual pdf
Best Professional Satellite Installer Near Me

Professional Satellite Installer

Professional Installation is recommended if you have difficulty locating and locking on your favorite satellite signal. After you have purchased the satellite system, you may contact a professional to install the system for you. There is a fee for installation.

If you prefer to contract a local installer, FTA Install is free referral service to introduce local professional technicians and laypersons to satellite system owners. 

Installation of the system is entirely your responsibility.  Guidelines and tips provided on this website are intended to help you achieve a successful installation of your new satellite system. You are advised to consult a professional installer if you need more support.

Installer Experience

When hiring an Satellite Installer, make sure of the following:

  • The Satellite Installer is familiar with the brand and function of the system you want to install.
  • The Satellite Installer is familiar with the satellite (i.e. Galaxy 19, Galaxy 10R, etc) you are trying to receive signal from.
  • Ask the installer if he has experience with stationary or motorized dish installation (if you are buying a motorized package)
  • Always ask about installer references and check with their references prior to hiring the installer.
  • The Satellite Installer has the correct dish Azimuth and Elevation for your location.
  • You should make the installation service fee contingent upon completing a successful installation.


Installer Fee

  • The average basic install cost of a single room residential system provided by a licensed and insured professional is approximately $175, dish upgrades $125 and services calls $75.
  • Please note that these are estimated national averages and costs will vary depending on the complexity of the job, travel and region.

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