A satellite dish look angle heading calculator is a tool that helps you to determine the proper direction in which you need to aim your satellite dish to receive a signal from a specific satellite. This is important because the signal strength and quality of your satellite television or internet service can be affected by the position of your satellite dish.

A satellite dish look angle heading calculator with Google Maps is a specific type of calculator that uses Google Maps to help you determine the proper direction for aiming your satellite dish. These calculators typically allow you to enter your location and the satellite you want to receive a signal from, and then use Google Maps to display a map of your location and the direction in which you need to aim your satellite dish. Some calculators may also provide additional information such as the elevation angle and polarisation angle, which can be helpful in fine-tuning the aim of your satellite dish.


Azimuth (Magnetic): is the angle relating to the horizontal positioning of the dish. The angle is expressed in terms of degrees, with North = 0 degrees, South = 180 degrees.  Use your compass to aim dish at that angle.

Elevation: is the angle above the horizon, and is also expressed in terms of degrees. This is the angle by which the dish must be “tilted Up or Down” in relation to the theoretical horizon, in order to position it precisely for the desired satellite.

LNBF Skew: It is important to adjust the LNBF skew for stationary dishes. Learn more here!

Satellite dish look angle heading calculator with google maps

Use this website to calculate your dish angles:



Please follow the following steps carefully to get your stationary system installed quickly.  If you  have any questions, post your comment below.  

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