Sinking Wobblers Fishing Lures 10cm 17.5g 6 Multi Jointed Swimbait Hard Artificial Bait

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6-Segments A16-Segments A106-Segments A116-Segments A126-Segments A136-Segments A146-Segments A156-Segments A166-Segments A176-Segments A196-Segments A26-Segments A36-Segments A46-Segments A56-Segments A66-Segments A76-Segments A86-Segments A96-Segments B16-Segments B26-Segments B36-Segments B46-Segments B56-Segments C16-Segments C26-Segments C36-Segments C57-Segments A17-Segments A27-Segments A37-Segments A47-Segments A5

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