Electric Complete Dual Axis PV Solar Panel Tracking System


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Complete Dual Axis Solar Tracker Kits, items Including the Linear Actuators & Mounting Brackets and the Electronic LCD Controller you need for a dual axis solar tracker system.

2* 10″ 1500N Linear Actuators +LCD Display Controller DIY Sun Tracker

Build your own frame and you will get a professional grade dual axis solar tracker!

About the Linear Actuators

About the Electronic Controller

This is electronic controller for dual axis solar tracker, it comes with controller box and light sensor. The controller can detect North/South/East/West directions and control the linear actuators to move, and thus realize the solar panel to follow the sunlight and always face to the sunlight.

Users can set up the parameters for actual needs with the LCD screen, once set up well, no need to change anything.

Extra Limit Switch and Wind Speed Sensor (Anemometer) can be matched with the controller for actual needs.

It uses specialized four-quadrant-structure light sensor. One of the advantage is the light sensor is inside the waterproof shell which can extend the light sensor’s lifespan. Another advantage is there is a sun-visor which can enlarge the detection angle range and thus increase the tracking accuracy.


Product Name

WST03-2 Dual Axis Solar Tracker Controller


100% New

Controller Box Dimension

145x90x40mm (5.71″x3.54″x1.57″)

Input Voltage


Max Load Current


Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +60℃

Tracking Accuracy



  • Tracking accuracy is high, average tracking accuracy is ≤1°, the racking accuracy can be set up. (The actual accuracy is relevant with the system’s moving speed);
  • The detection angle range of the light sensor is wide and with high accuracy;
  • The light-sensor is inside the waterproof shell, which is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to ageing;
  • With LCD display which can show multiple working status and parameters;
  • Many of the parameters can be set up;
  • With wind speed protection function (Needs to add wind speed sensor);
  • East/West/South/North orientation all with limiting function (Needs to add limit switch);
  • With manual function;
  • Wrong battery pole connection protection, with over-current protection fuse;
  • Low standby power, standby current is ≤15mA;

About the Mounting Brackets

This bracket provides easier installation, and allows for nearly 180 degrees of rotation.

These are designed to fit easily onto either end of the actuator with a pin and cotter pin.

Included Items

  • 2x PCS DC 12V 250mm/10″ Stroke solar tracking Linear Actuators. (one for north/south direction and one for east/west direction.)
  • 1x PCS electronic LCD controller box with light-sensor.
  • 4x PCS silver mounting brackets for the linear actuators


Solar tracking system: Solar photovoltaic System, solar thermal system,etc.

Want more information? Additional information and detailed installation instructions can be found in the User’s Manual

Additional information


Boat,Fan,Home Appliance,Electric Bicycle,Car


Permanent Magnet


Micro Motor

Continuous Current(A)


Output Power


Model Number





IE 3



Protect Feature




System Input Voltage

DC 12V

Speed of Linear Actuator


Linear Actuator Max Push Load


Linear Actuator Max Pull Load


Linear Actuator Stroke Length


Part 1

2PCS 10" Stroke Linear Actuators

Part 2

Dual Axis LCD Controller&Light Sensor

Part 3

4PCS Mounting Brackets

Package Included

Part 1+Part 2+Part 3


Standard 1 year


DC 12V


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