Satellite Dishes and Mounts

  1. Come camera, side button sunken and not work. They determine the ability to choose menu items, camera setting. Principle camera works. Shoot video and photos can be. Components are completely. A dispute. Seller recommended me to repair the camera. T. E. Buy and repair. The Seller to send button. Back 5 $. (340 $) repair costs around 800. This debacle bro.

  2. Watch came within a month. Description. Was not great incident, watch included but communication was not when inserting the SIM card. Even open debate. Is not the side inserted SIM card. Before that there were different watch but not ever inserted SIM card. All for a price watch are good. It is a pity that they do not have a GPSа.

  3. Driving device already since 10.11. I thought it was all, i can’t wait. However, came. And here lies it in front of me and i in thinking-where to apply it and how to use it? Because the iron is useless at 146% I mean, absolutely. Outcome. Seller recommend Mail of the russian federation-no. Iron, too.

  4. Everything is fine, work, quality of shooting is not tested, app via Wi Fi work control work, the quality of shooting дополненительно. Until all super, recommended!

  5. A great thing, well-kept, stable and not too tight, does not fall down, all day pass husband with headset and battery is normal not discharged more, easy to use, talk to her and music played all uploaded into the phone. general advice. packed civilized and efficiently.