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Moringa Seed Oil Machine

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🌱 Kendrick Henry wants to teach you how to make moringa seed oil. He started growing moringa trees on other peoples’ properties in 2014 and founded The Moringa Growers’ Co-op.

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🍃 Cold-Press the moringa seeds to make oil. The Moringa Seed Oil can be used on the skin, hair, nails, for cuts, bruises, burns and is also anti-inflammatory for creaky bones and creaky doors. Use in in any meal or soup and even drink the moringa seed oil by itself. Try for yourself here:

🌲 The moringa tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It can grow so fast that the young tree begins to flower within the first year, which can become pollinated and form seed pods known as drumsticks. Moringa is also known as the Drumstick Tree.

🌸 There are 13 types of moringa moringa trees around the world. Kendrick grows the most popular moringa oleifera tree. More specifically, the high drumstick and dark leaf and seed producing moringa oleifera known as the PKM1. This type of moringa tree produces darker greens and seeds with higher amounts of drumsticks.

🥑 To get more drumsticks, faster, Kendrick recommends to ‘pop off’ the flowers from young moringa trees, usually after they’ve been pollinated. This prevents the very young trees from forming drumsticks from the pollinated flowers. The moringa flowers are edible so they don’t need to go to waste. Use moringa flowers in teas, soups and as an added spicy flavor to any dish. Moringa Flowers can be even more anti-inflammatory than the leaves.

🌳 For more mature drumsticks faster, trim the trees back regularly and pop the flowers in the first year. By the second year you’ll have many more branches and the proper root structure at that time to fully support many more mature moringa drumsticks and your moringa tree will be much happier and bigger with your help.

🌱Kendrick says the key to understanding moringa and its value, is to start by eating and preparing the drumsticks in a soup known as Drumstick Sambar. A traditional Indian dish that consists of a tomato based soup with chunks of young green moringa drumsticks. The most valuable part of the moringa trees are the drumsticks. A sacred vegetable that once cooked, can be peeled and eaten. Consume the starchy inside and discard the tough outer skin. Enjoy eating the soft young seeds, it’s so common in India and Africa to eat Moringa Drumstick Sambar, that’s why we wanted to share with you today even more valuable information about the moringa tree and its miraculous fruit.

🏝 Once the flowers are pollinated they begin to form little green-bean like pods. As they grow and mature, the pods also known as drumsticks, they can hold up to 20 seeds and can be eaten young and green as a source of vitamins and minerals perfect to eat in soups. Or the drumstick can be dried and the seeds inside can be used to grow new moringa trees or even pressed to make moringa seed oil. The moringa drumstick can be a rich source of zinc and magnesium.

🥒 The formation and growth of drumsticks can take a lot of energy from the young moringa tree. If young trees in pots less than a year old, or newly planted trees in the ground begin to grow flowers, it maybe advised to pop the flowers. When the flowers become pollinated and grow into drumsticks, which may take more energy away from establishing the root system, the tree will put more energy into growing the drumsticks. Kendrick noticed how the growth of the young moringa tree slows down significantly once drumsticks are forming, the young moringa tree can either grow roots, branches and leaves, or it will slow the growth of the tree forming drumsticks, sometimes even dropping leaves.

🌿 Once the moringa tree is taller and well established in a pot or in the ground older than a year, then Kendrick likes to keep moringa flowers on the trees so they can form drumsticks. Sometimes the weight of drumsticks can snap and break young moringa stems and branches.

🕶️ We greatly appreciate your support in helping us grow our moringa tree nursery. It’s our pleasure to provide you with fresh and local moringa tree nutrients.

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📞 For more questions, call Kendrick Henry directly 813-690-6516 or Text Questions to 813-567-3100.

🥗 Gratitude & Prosperous Growing!

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