Invacom Circular Linear Ku 0.3 dB Quad LNBF QPH-031 QPH031

  • 4 Outputs
    • 2 Outputs Linear STANDARD
    • L.O.: 10750
    • 2 Outputs Circular
    • L.O.: 11250
  • Low 0.3 dB noise figure
  • 40mm feed diameter
  • 1 Year Mfg Warranty
  • Connects one or multiple receivers to one dish.
  • Works with SD & HD signal

Invacom QPH-031: A high performance LNBF with 4 outputs. Excellent choice to use with your motorized dishes, or where the signal strength is poor.

Invacom circular linear ku 0.3 db quad lnbf qph-031 qph031


Invacom designs and manufactures high performance LNBs for professional and consumer use. They produce some of the lowest noise figure LNBs available. This 0.3 dB noise figure LNB is a market leader. However, it is not just the low noise figure that makes Invacom LNBs perform so well, read more here.

This LNBF is a combination of two dual output Circular and Linear LNBFs in one single unit. You can use it for Ku band FTA, or DSS service. The LNBF provides simultaneous reception of both linear and circular polarized signals with a 0.3dB noise figure and 55dB gain! This 2nd Generation version offers Linear (FSS) 11.7 – 12.7GHz & Circular (BSS) 12.2-12.7.

Ideal for motorized dishes. Eliminates the need to use multiple dishes. Perfect for fixed dish reception of DSS and AMC4 on 101W satellite. The QPH-031 can be mounted on almost any dish due to its 40mm diameter flange.

Note: If you want to combine the Circular & Linear polarity outputs into one coaxial cable, you will need a DiSEqC or 22KHz switch (not included).

  • 2x outputs for Circular polarity ( LH & RH )
  • 2x outputs for Linear Polarity ( V & H )

See Tele-Satellite review and test report here.

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