The FREE TO AIR Arabic Channels listed below are simple to receive and require no subscription or monthly payments. A one time purchase of our satellite system provides you with everything needed to begin receiving satellite TV and radio from around the world – all from the comfort of your own home. Both the motorized and stationary systems have easy to follow installation instructions and include all the necessary parts to begin watching international programming immediately. Don’t miss out on the latest movies, live news, sports, game shows, documentaries, and family programs all from the Middle East.

Arabic Channels Details:

  1. 2M Monde
  2. Abu Dhabi Sports 1
  3. Aden Radio
  4. Ahlulbayt TV
  5. Al Dawri & Al Kass Sport Channel
  6. Al Fayhaa TV
  7. Al Hayat
  8. Al Jazeera English
  9. Al Kalema TV
  10. Al Maghribia
  11. Al Malakoot Sat
  12. Al Mayadeen TV
  13. Al Quraan Al Kareem TV
  14. Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah TV
  15. Al-Ghadeer Satellite Channel
  16. Al-Iraqiya TV
  17. Al-Maaref TV
  18. Alalam News Channel
  19. Alanwar TV
  20. Alforat TV
  21. Alkarma TV North America
  22. Alkawthar TV
  23. Alwatan TV
  24. Anwar Al-Hussain TV
  25. Canal Algérie
  26. Coptic Sat
  27. CTV
  28. El-Bernameg Al-Aam
  29. Emarat FM
  30. Holy Quran Radio
  31. IFilm
  32. Jordan TV
  33. Karbala Satellite Channel
  34. Khartoum TV
  35. KTV 2 (Kuwait)
  36. KTV 3
  37. KTV Al Oula
  38. Kuwait Radio FM 93.9
  39. Kuwait Radio Secondary
  40. LLBN Arabic
  41. Logos TV
  42. MEA TV
  43. Monte Carlo Doualiya
  44. Oman TV Satellite
  45. Palestinian Satellite Channel
  46. Program One
  47. Qatar Radio General
  48. Qatar TV
  49. Radio Oman
  50. Radio Quran (Kuwait)
  51. Radio Quran (Saudi Arabia)
  52. Radio Sout Al-Sha’ab (Voice of the People)
  53. Radio Sout Al-Shbab (Voice of the Youth)
  54. Radio Umdurman Holy Quran
  55. Sahoor Drama
  56. Salaam TV
  57. Sana’a Radio
  58. Saudi Arabian TV 1
  59. Sharjah Radio
  60. Sharjah TV
  61. Southern Sudan TV
  62. Sudan TV
  63. Syria Drama
  64. Syria Satellite Channel
  65. The Truth TV
  66. The Way TV
  67. TV Tunisia 1
  68. Umdurman Radio
  69. Wesal TV
  70. Yemen TV


We don’t claim or guarantee that these channels will remain free for any period of time. Some of these channels may go off the air at some point or become encrypted and new channels may show up. We are not affiliated with or resell programming from any of the channels above.  The list above reflects what is available to our knowledge. One of the best pages to check all available satellite channels and their frequencies is

Free to air arabic channels available in the usa
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