In these days we live among an aura of electromagnetic fields, and that is a result of the widespread information technology .

Nowadays; most of our times we are attached to our electronic devices. In psychology they call it as no_mo_phobia but as we know the technology is a double-edged sword.

We can find any information anywhere by clicking on search engines. On the other hand, we are exposed to these harmful electromagnetic waves which can cause serious illnesses to ourselves and our pets.

What can we do to have a win_win deal?

Its so simple and so handy; we can use blockers which are tested and approved as a safer choice to block as much EMF harmful as possible.

It can be as a mobile sticker or a vest or a sheet you can sleep on to detox you or to get the good part of the technology and keep the bad effect away of our precious health (( to be safe better than to be sorry ))

Emf harmful radiation blocker effective 99%
Emf harmful radiation effective 99%

More information about radiation:

Geo-biologist Leonard Stafford discusses humanity's relationship with radiation and provides solutions to lessen it's harmful affects on humanity.

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