Pay with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

We may start accepting payment for online orders in Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum coin ETH, Tether USDT, and Litecoin LTC.

Follow the steps below for  

Step 1

Put all items in the shopping cart.

Step 2

Proceed to Checkout

Step 3

Fill in all necessary customer information, including shipping information for physical goods.

Step 4

Select Cryptocurrency as payment method and then select your currency

Cryptocurrency payment method select currency

Step 5

Accept and Check  “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions

Step 6

Click on Place Order.  Your order is now placed and on hold waiting for your crypto currency payment to be processed in the next step.  If we don’t receive your payment within allocated time, your order will be canceled.

Step 7

To complete your order

Go to your wallet and send your payment to the address provided on the screen 

Here is an example of an order with Bitcoin payment and the address you need to send it to.  This screen will be different for your order, since the amount and currency will be different.

Cryptocurrency payment method select currency send

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