Channels FTA Free To Air Satellite TV

Mkit-1 90cm motorized fta satellite dish kit

What are Free To Air (FTA) channels? Free To Air (FTA) channels are digital channels that are not encrypted by the service provider and require no subscription or monthly payment. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to receive with an FTA receiver. Where can I find out what […]

Invacom Circular Linear Ku 0.3 dB Quad LNBF QPH-031 QPH031

Invacom circular linear ku 0.3 db quad lnbf qph-031 qph031

Invacom Circular Linear Ku 0.3 dB Quad LNBF QPH-031 QPH031 4 Outputs 2 Outputs Linear STANDARD L.O.: 10750 2 Outputs Circular L.O.: 11250 Low 0.3 dB noise figure 40mm feed diameter 1 Year Mfg Warranty Connects one or multiple receivers to one dish. Works with SD & HD signal Invacom QPH-031: A high performance LNBF […]

Solar Panels General Installation Instructions

Solar panels general installation instructions

Solar Panels General Installation Instructions Installing solar photovoltaic systems may require specialized skills and knowledge. Installation should be performed only by qualified persons. If panel is installed by non-qualified installers, then warranty is void. Each module comes with a permanently attached junction box and #12AWG wire terminated in connectors. Fitted cables can be provided to […]

Satellite TV Terminology

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Adjacent Channel Interference Unwanted electrical interference from signals that are immediately adjacent in frequency to the desired signal. This can arise due to imperfections in the transmission channel and/or equipment. Antenna Alignment The process of optimizing the orientation of a satellite antenna’s main direction of sensitivity towards the satellite to maximize the received signal level and to […]

What is C Band & KU Band?

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Satellites List Here is a list of satellites as listed on  Some channels listed are DVB FTA ( Free-To-Air ) and some are encrypted (Pay TV).  Note that these lists can become out of date quickly as frequencies and channels change often.  With an FTA system you can only watch the unscrambled clear DVB […]

Easily Install Motorized Satellite System Using 1 HH-Mount DiSEqC & USALS Motors

Installing a motorized satellite system with an hh-mount motor, diseqc & usals compatible motors

Installing a Motorized Satellite System Using an HH-Mount Motor, DiSEqC & USALS Compatible Motors, please watch the videos below and follow the following steps carefully to get your Motorized Satellite system installed quickly. Steps to a successful motorized system installation: Select your installation site carefully!!! There must be a clear line of sight between the […]

What is the Satellite Antenna Dish size required or recommended?

Geosatpro 90cm / 36″ offset satellite dish with glorystar logo

Dish antenna size required depends on the strength of the signal in (EIRP dBW) for your location.  The satellite signal coverage (i.e. footprint) shows you the signal strength at your location. Use the table below to calculate the minimum size dish needed. Pas 9 Galaxy 3C Galaxy 19 Galaxy 10R Satellite Footprints (Other satellites footprints […]

Common Free To Air Satellite TV System Used For FTA Channels 2020

What satellite tv system i can use to view the free to air fta channels?

Free To Air Satellite TV (FTA) systems are used to receive satellite television (TV) and radio services broadcast in clear (unencrypted) form. Any person with the appropriate receiving equipment can receive the signal and view or listen to the content without requiring a subscription, other ongoing cost, or one-off fee (e.g., Pay-per-view). In the traditional […]

Best Professional Satellite Installer Near Me 2020

Best Professional Satellite Installer Near Me 2020

Professional Installation of your Free To Air Satellite and Installation Finding a Satellite Installer Near me: While the installation is not difficult, it does require that you have some experience in electrical wiring and minor construction techniques. Also, you may have to climb a ladder, so you’ll want to be comfortable working with heights. Most […]