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Building The K6ARK Portable HF Antenna!

Adam K6ARK joins the show to guide us in the building of his massively popular [...]

Easy Satellite Dish Antenna Installation Instructions New 2020

Satellite Dish Antenna Installation Overview The manual is organized into steps that need to be [...]

Channels FTA Free To Air Satellite TV

What are Free To Air (FTA) channels? Free-to-air (FTA) channels are television or radio channels [...]

Satellite TV Terminology

Adjacent Channel Interference Unwanted electrical interference from signals that are immediately adjacent in frequency to the [...]

What is the Satellite Antenna Dish size required or recommended?

The size of the satellite antenna dish required or recommended for a particular application depends [...]

Common Free To Air Satellite TV System Used For FTA Channels 2023

What is Free To Air Satellite TV? Free to air (FTA) satellite television refers to [...]

Iranian (Persian) TV Channels [All available on Galaxy 19 (97W) satellite]

What satellite system do I need to view Persian channels in the USA and North [...]

Eye-catching 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM Travel Trailer RV For Sale in

Eye-catching 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM Travel Trailer RV For Sale in Nacogdoches, TX | [...]

50 Instructional Users Installation Manuals PDF Download Usefull

Here you may find some older PDF Installation Manuals for satellite dishes, receivers, remotes, etc. [...]

Premium and Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Television Service

Satellite television is a type of television service that delivers programming to viewers by transmitting [...]