Installation Overview: The manual is organized into steps that need to be performed in the order presented.

Preparing for Installation

  • Complete a General Site Survey – Visually survey your location to make sure it is suitable.
  • Obtain Dish Pointing Coordinates – Use the on-screen menu system to obtain the exact coordinates (azimuth and elevation) for pointing the dish. Directions for using on-screen menus can be found in your receiver manual.
  • Select the Precise Mounting Site – Use the dish pointing coordinates to conduct a precise site survey to determine the exact mounting site.
  • Estimate Cable Requirements – Based on your mounting site, you will decide where you want the cable to enter your house, and measure how many feet of cables you need to complete the connection.
  • Begin Dish Assembly – Attach the reflector to the support arm so that you can preset the correct elevation.
  • Set the Elevation on Dish – This is an important step. Making sure that your elevation setting is correct will help you to more easily obtain the signal later on. Mounting the Mast
  • Mount the Mast – Step-by-Step mounting instructions for each mounting option. Completing the Final Installation • Level the Mast – The mast must be level to obtain the signal.
  • Complete the Dish Assembly – Place the dish on the mast and connect the RG-6 coaxial cable to the LNB, and attach the LNB to the support arm.
  • Route the Cables to the Grounding Block – Attach a grounding block to the house and route the cables from the dish to the grounding block. Also, route grounding wire from the grounding block to the central building ground.
  • Run the Cables from Grounding Block into the House – Run the RG-6 cable from the grounding block into the house and to the back of the receiver.
  • Make the Final Connections to the Receiver – Connect the RG-6 to the satellite input on the receiver, and make the phone line connection.
  • Acquire and Fine-Tune the Satellite Signal – Use the on-screen signal meter to check for a signal. Once the signal is obtained, adjust dish pointing to achieve maximum signal strength for your location.
  • Order Satellite Programming – Call the service providers to order satellite programming.

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Download complete guide here: dish-installation

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