The American viewer now has an alternative source for satellite TV that does not cost any monthly subscription fee.  These satellite channels are called Free to Air (FTA).  These channels are not encrypted by the service provider and require no subscription or monthly payment. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to receive with an FTA MPEG-2 DVB satellite system.


Channel NameSatelliteFreq Pol SRVPID APIDTitanTV
3ABN wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002001 40013ABN-E
ABC News Now wwwGalaxy 1712010-V 13333380 256
Amazing Discoveries wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002061 3061
Amazing Facts wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002071 3071
Ariana Afghanistan TV wwwGalaxy 1912028-H 220007841 7861
BVOVN wwwGalaxy 1911961-V 220001202 1203
BYU International TV wwwEutelsat 11712521-H 26785120 5121
CCTV 9 wwwGalaxy 3C11780-H 20760519 720
CCTV NewsGalaxy 3C11780-H 20760513 660
China Global TV Network wwwSES 311940-V 20000106 206WNVC-DT3
Christian TV Network wwwGalaxy 1912060-H 220002019 3019CHRTN
CNC World wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 220004341 4342
Cozi TV wwwSES 311760-H 30000615 881COZITV
Create TV wwwAMC 2112180-V 30000193 196CREATE
Daystar wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002003 3003DSTAR
Daystar wwwGalaxy 1911966-H 220002009 3009DSTAR
Daystar HD wwwGalaxy 1812033-H 820049 52DSTAR
Evine wwwSES 311940-V 20000105 205
Florida Channel, The (DVB-S2) wwwSES 212044-V 320049 50
FNX wwwAMC 2112180-V 30000241 244WYCC-DT2
Global Christian Network wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 22000195 196
God’s Learning Channel wwwGalaxy 1912177-V 2300059 60KPCB
Guide US TV wwwGalaxy 1911836-V 2077066 67
Hillsong Channel wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 2200047 304KPJR-DT2
Hope Channel wwwEutelsat 11311994-V 43403602 3606KGSW-LD1
Hope Channel wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002201 4201KGSW-LD1
Hope Church Channel wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002076 3076
IBN TV wwwGalaxy 1912115-V 224254131 4129KTCJ-LD1
IFilm English wwwGalaxy 1911836-V 20770408 356
Infowars wwwGalaxy 1612094-H 36764642 256
Jewelry TV wwwGalaxy 1911936-H 200002135 3135
Jewish Broadcasting Service (DVB-S2) wwwGalaxy 1611800-H 300001791 1792
Juce TV wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 22000113 370Juce
Latter-Day Saints wwwGalaxy 2811754-H 33465888 5889
LLBN His Light wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002013 3013
LLBN His Word wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002011 3011
Louisiana Public Broadcasting 2 (DVB-S2) wwwSES 211808-H 1115065 68WLPB-DT2
Louisiana Public Broadcasting HD (DVB-S2) wwwSES 211808-H 1115097 100WLPB-DT1
LPB 3 (Create) (DVB-S2) wwwSES 211808-H 1115081 84WLPB-DT3
Macy’s Satellite Network wwwAMC 1511856-V 3548110 100
Montana PBS wwwAMC 2111916-V 2398101 256KUFM
NHK World News wwwSES 311940-V 20000102 202NHK
Nigerian TV AuthorityGalaxy 1911898-V 22000656 657
Open Door Communication Network wwwGalaxy 1912177-V 2300047 48
Patient Channel, The wwwSES 211801-H 268749 50
PBS feedsAMC 2112146-H 625049 52
PBS HD 3 wwwAMC 2112180-V 3000081 84
PBS HD East wwwAMC 2112180-V 3000049 52PBSEHD
PBS HD West wwwAMC 2112180-V 3000065 68PBSDT-W
PBS Kids wwwAMC 2112180-V 3000097 100PBSKIDS247
PBS World wwwAMC 2112180-V 30000225 228WGBXDT2
Press TV wwwGalaxy 1912177-V 230004083 259
Quo Vadis wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002075 4075
Quran Hidayah wwwGalaxy 1911898-V 22000769 770
QVC wwwGalaxy 1911936-H 200002136 3136QVC
Reuters News wwwEutelsat 11312046-H 189003551 3552
Russia Today wwwGalaxy 1912152-H 20000110 120RTTV
Russia Today wwwSES 311940-V 20000101 201RTTV
Saudi Arabian TV 2 wwwGalaxy 1912152-H 200004527 4537
Smart Lifestyle TV wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 220002010 3010
Smile of a Child wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 220004130 4132KPJR-DT5
SonLife Broadcasting Net wwwGalaxy 1912060-H 220002001 3001
Trinity Broadcasting Network wwwGalaxy 1912053-V 2200033 290TRI
TV Washington wwwGalaxy 1812096-V 1681201 204KBTC-DT3
University Network, The wwwGalaxy 1912115-V 224252579 2580
Word Network, The wwwGalaxy 1911842-H 2200046 45

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