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Top 10 gifts for dad
No matter where your old man is on his journey with , there's a new piece of gear and cool out there that's perfect for him.

It is a tiny Bluetooth tracker for keeping track of dad's essential items like keys, laptop bags, wallets, and more. Tile mates are designed with a convenient insert to attach on a key chain or zip onto a backpack or briefcase.
Tile Mate is 3mm from each side and nearly 1mm in thickness. The traditional hole in the corner makes it ideal for keychains and other hanging items.
9 Pilot Step-Up Cane:
The Pilot Step-Up Cane gadget is a height-adjustable quad cane designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. The cane features a flip-up platform that makes it easier to step up curbs, stairs, and vehicles. A second handle positioned lower on the cane assists the user in rising from seats and toilets using less arm strength…
8 Aukey DR01 Dash Cam an amazing gadget for dad:

It is a standard box-shaped dashcam gadget with a mini USB power cable and a two-port USB cigarette lighter adapter. This dash camera offers a 170-degree field of view, which will capture more action to the sides than the more typical 140 degrees. Sometimes the wider angle results in a fish-eye effect on images, but it's minimal on this device.
7 Activity and Sleep Tracker gadget for dad:
These tracker gadgets may not only encourage your dad to stay active, but they also may help your doctor spot early problems that your dad might not notice. Fitbit can track everything from how far you typically go in a day to how many times a night you wake up. Some activity trackers even have silent alarm systems, so you can wake yourself up, but not your partner.
6 Toolcard Pro best tech gadgets:
The Lever Gear Tool card Pro packs a best-in-class 40 tools into a credit card-sized multitool. It slips easily into your wallet and is TSA compliant so you can take it anywhere. It's like a Swiss army knife that packs 40 functions into a small portable credit card-sized tool. And it has a removable money clip that holds up to six credit cards or some cash.
5 Transformer Automatic: (Folding Travel Scooter)
This great foldable electric scooter gadget could really win the title of the best ever gadget for your dad. It has both a cane- and a cup holder. The Transformer automatic folding scooter has automatic folding and unfolding which is handled with remote control.
4 ELLIQ – The Active Aging Companion:
This cool gadget enables older adults to connect with their families by using the latest technologies. As a matter of fact, they will be able to attend to video calls, social media messages, and also play online games at the same time. In fact, this smart device helps the elderly people cope up with the complexity of the digital world.
3 Hayo Virtual Remote Control gadget:
Hayo is equipped with infrared technology to work in low light situations. There is a facility of Advanced motion analysis and a 3D sensor that also protects your privacy. Connecting via your home's Wi-Fi network, Hayo also functions as a home security system when you're out and about. Using all of these features, Hayo is able to sense your motion, gestures, and context in order to produce useful controls.

2 Mobile Photo Mini Printer gadget:
There's something to be said about why I think your dad will love the Polaroid zip mobile photo printer much.

Its unique styling gadget design makes it perfect for heating or cooling canned drinks, such as Cola, Coffee, etc. With the flick of a switch, you can go from heating a beverage to cooling a beverage.
Blue indicates cooling, giving you ice water in 15 minutes on loading, and Red indicates heating, which allows your hot drinks to stay at around 55 degrees celsius.
Alright, guys, there you have it, the “10 coolest gadgets for your dad”, we hope you really enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!
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