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FlexTV Satellite SystemFlexTV Satellite System

Bad Credit, No Credit Or Just Don’t Want A Commitment? You Can Still Get Great Programming With

FlexTV Benefits:

  • No Social Security Number Required
  • No Credit Card Necessary
  • You own the equipment.
  • No Credit Check
  • No Long Term Contract!


Order FlexTV DISH Network Today

$248.00 startup fee

$149 Activation Fee plus $99 Basic Receiver Fee

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Once you place your order online, we will call you to confirm your order, equipment needs or upgrades, and programming preference.


Everyone Qualifies! Programming Starting

At $19.99/mo.

Promotion Highlights

  • New customer purchase offer
  • Free Standard Local Professional Installation
  • No SSN or ITIN required
  • No term agreement
  • $149 activation fee
Customer is required to pay all programming, fees, and taxes prior to installation and activation.

Comparison between FlexTV and other Plans

Eligible Receiver Models & Receiver Upgrade Fees

Comparison between FlexTV and other Plans

Customers may also purchase additional receivers at a price determined by the Retailer.

FlexTV Eligible Programming

Customers will be required to maintain one of the following qualified programming packages when participating in the FlexTV new customer promotional offer:

  • DishFAMILY or higher
  • Dish America HD or higher
  • DishMÉXICO or higher

FlexTV Eligible International programming:

International Programming

  • Arabic Elite Super Pack
  • Great Wall TV
  • Greek Elite Pack
  • Hindi Mega Pack
  • Hindi Super Pack
  • Pak Mega Pack
  • Polish Super Pack
  • Russian Mega Pack
  • Taiwanese Mega Pack
  • Plus see the basic Qualified International Packs above.

Eastern Arc
Customers in an Eastern Arc DMA (i.e. Dish 1000.4) who want to sign up for FlexTV will be required to pay the upgrade charges for MPEG-4 equipment if they are getting HD programming. However, if a customer does not want to subscribe to HD programming they may be set up with MPEG-2 equipment and a Western Arc (i.e. Dish 1000.2)configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will FlexTV customers be required to return the receivers to DISH Network if they disconnect their service?
A: No. FlexTV is a purchase offer so customers will be able to keep their equipment if they choose to discontinue DISH Network programming.

Q: How much will my customer need to pay prior to activation?
A: This customer would be required to pay for all programming, taxes, and other fees (DVR Fee, TV2 Receiver Connection Fee, etc.) to DISH Network prior to the activation of the account.

Q: Will customers be required to select only MPEG-4 receiver models when in an Eastern Arc DMA if they do not subscribe to HD programming?
A: No. Customers under the FlexTV promotional offer who do not activate with an HD programming package will be installed with a Western Arc equipment configuration.

Q: Can customers who activate under the FlexTV promotion participate in the ClubDISH program?
A: FlexTV customers are ineligible to receive new customer ClubDISH benefits; however, an existing FlexTV customer may refer a new customer to DISH Network and receive the existing customer ClubDISH benefits.

Q: Is there a former customer promotion associated with the FlexTV promotional offer?
A: At this time, there is not a former customer promotion for the FlexTV offer; however, if a former customer does not qualify for DHA/DHA-24 or DHA TOO, they may activate a new account through FlexTV.

The foregoing (including, without limitation, brief description(s) of certain terms and conditions applicable to each of the Promotional Programs named in this Facts Blast) may be subject to applicable Business Rules and/or different terms and conditions of your Retailer Agreement with DISH Network L.L.C., formerly known as EchoStar Satellite L.L.C. (“DISH”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions set forth in any applicable Business Rules and the terms and conditions set forth above, the terms and conditions of such Business Rules shall be controlling.

If anyone interested in the FLEXTV offer, you can call us at 1-888-519-9595 and we will setup an account and deliver the system to you anywhere in the country.

Installation: For installations performed in the continental United States or Hawaii, this promotion includes standard professional installation of up to 2 receivers to up to 2 televisions, a DISH 500 antenna (or other applicable antenna(s), as determined by DISH Network) and mounting hardware.

For installations performed in Alaska, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands: (A) this promotion includes standard professional installation of up to 2 receivers to up to 2 televisions; and (B) dish antenna hardware and installation of antenna hardware are sold separately. Additional equipment may be required and additional fees may apply in certain installations. For installations performed for residents of Hawaii who purchase any high-definition programming, additional equipment may be required and additional fees may apply. For installations performed for residents of Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who purchase Classic Gold 250, DishMEXICO, DishLATINO, DishLATINO Plus, DishLATINO Dos, DishLATINO Max, or any high-definition programming, additional equipment may be required and additional fees may apply. For installations performed for residents in the continental United States who purchase programming broadcast from a wing satellite location (i.e., an orbital location other than 110° or 119°), a second antenna may be required and additional fees may apply.

Warranty: Dish Network provides a standard 1-year warranty includes no-cost repair/replacement of manufacturer defects during the first 90 days; for the remainder of the 1-year warranty period, a $14.95 shipping charge applies to replacement of warranty-covered equipment by mail and a $99 in-home warranty trip service charge applies if such replacement requires in-home service. You can order the optional DishHOME Protection Plan for $5.99/mon to get free service & support during the subscription period.

Getting set up with your FLEXTV system is EASY!

Order DISH Network Today
Call 888-519-9595!

Self Install Kit ($25 each)


For 110,119 programming: Receiver requires a Dish 500 and Twin LNBF to operate.

For 118.7 International programming: Receiver requires a Dish500+

Please note, some international channels may no longer be available at 61.5.  Dish Network has been moving a lot of International channels to 118 spot.  The prepaid legacy receiver will not work on 118W.  Check with Dish Network to verify the channel you are interested in is still available on 61.5


Once your dish is aligned and you get a signal on your receiver, leave the receiver connected to the dish. It will start downloading any updates that maybe available off satellite. Once the receiver finishes the download (up to 1 hr) then you can use call to activate the receiver.

Prices above are for retail home customers only (Sadoun limits receivers per customer).  All other business customers do not qualify for these prices and should contact us directly for their cost.

We are a DISH NETWORK authorized retailer.

Check here for latest offers on Dish Network programming for new customers.  

After you get and install your new receiver, call Dish Network to activate the receiver.


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