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Home > Satellite Receivers > Dish Network Receivers > DISH 411

Dish 411 MPEG4 High Definition TV Satellite Receiver

Dish 411 MPEG4 High Definition TV Satellite Receiver

Receiver Features

  • MPEG-4/MPEG-2 technology

  • HD/SD satellite tuner1

  • Digital off-air tuner 1

  • HDTV digital audio/video output 2

  • USB 2.0 port

  • 942-style user interface (UI)

  • dish home Interactive TV

  • Up to 2-day Picture-In-Guide with optional widescreen Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

  • Parental locks

  • On-screen Caller ID with history 3

  • Software upgradeable via satellite

  • DISH Comm™ compatible 4

  • 5.3 IR remote control

  • See spec sheet here

1 Additional authorization may be required before high definition programming and/or off-air digital broadcasts can be viewed; additional fees may apply.
2 Compatible with HDMI-equipped televisions.
3 Requires Caller ID subscription  with local phone company. Phone line must be connected to receiver.
4 Enabled with a future software upgrade.

EPG Functions
  • Channel Surfing Enhancements:  Customers can select to skip "DISH HOME" loading if they pass by channel 100. A loading confirmation option appears when customers select this channel. While channeling up/down the receiver will skip the "Must Carry" slate channels if the customer does not have a second dish.
  • DISH Home is the way to instantly access all that DISH Home Interactive TV has to offer. By accessing DISH Home from channel 100 or in the Main Menu, the best of interactive television is at your fingertips.
  • Two Electronic Program Guide display options, Full-Screen EPG and Picture-in-Guide EPG.
    Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in EPG. Instantaneous current and next program extended information. Retrieves up to 48 hours of information with quick access. The entire guide will update every four hours when in Standby.
  • Extended Browse Feature: Press the Browse button once to see present and next program schedule. Continue to press the right arrow button to go further into the stored program schedule. Press the Info button for extended program information.
  • Instant Program Information: Local DMA Channels are in the same channel number range as their off-air signal.
  • Local off-air channels seamlessly mapped with DISH Network satellite programming. Choose to display off-air local channels or those provided by DISH Network from Menu-6-1-5-Display Opts.
  • Off-air Analog Pass-Thru:  When the receiver is powered on, it displays digital off-air local channels only. When the receiver is powered off, it will allow analog off-air channels to pass through the receiver.
  • Off-air Channel Scan: Scan or manually enter a digital over-the-air channel up to 99 when the receiver is set to "Off Air" in the HDTV setup menu
  • Program Search: When customers enter the search function the title of the program they are currently viewing will appear in the search text field. Customers have the option to search by program title or for key words within the extended program information and description.
    • Use the # (pound) key. The current program's title will be filled in. You can use that to search or clear it and type in another name.
    • Go to Menu, Themes & Search, Search. The keywords can be entered with your remote control alpha-numeric keys (cell-phone style) or using the right/left/up/down blue arrow buttons and Select to access the on-screen keyboard.
  • TV Enhancements: TV Enhancement is an icon or text message box notifying the customer that there is interactive content available.

Menu Functions

  • Alternative language and Descriptive Video support:  Descriptive Video is an audio narration, which provides the listening audience with descriptions of scenes, settings, costumes and body language in the natural pauses of dialogue or songs. It is being offered as a service for the visually impaired.
  • Caller ID with history: Displays caller information on the TV screen. Must have a phone line plugged in and a subscription with the local telephone company. Will show on a VCR tape if information pops up while recording.
  • Closed Caption support (not available on some HD content)
  • DISH CD Music Song Titling
  • Event Timer: Tells VCR to record, automatically tunes into a pre-programmed channel when it starts, or gives you an on-screen reminder of a designated program's starting time.
  • Favorites Lists:  120 channels distributed among 4 user defined lists allows customers to view guide information for only those channels that set in the Favorite List. All Sub and All Chan lists.
  • Hide Lock Channels: The Hide Lock Channels option allows customers to hide locked channels from the EPG.
  • Parental Control Locks:  V-chip technology for Parental Control based on ratings and content. Separate locks are available for adult and PPV.
  • Pay-Per-View purchase summary
  • Theme categories for program selection
  • Transparent Info Banner: A transparent Info Banner provides on-screen channel and program info.

HD/SD Aspects:  Delivers high-definition and standard-definition programming.

  • High-definition content can be viewed using HD outputs, or HD content is automatically down-converted for viewing using SD outputs.
  • Standard-definition can be viewed using SD outputs, or SD content is automatically upconverted for viewing using HD outputs.
  • HDTV Digital Audio/Video output.
  • Allows you to display programming on high-definition television monitors.
  • Five methods to adapt a non-HD 4:3 image to a 16:9 HDTV screen.

  • Manipulates a 4:3 image to fill the screen simply by toggling the asterisk button on the remote control. The Page Up adjusts HD and Page Down adjusts SD settings.
    • Zoom - Proportionally expands the non 16:9 image horizontally and vertically to fill the 16:9 screen.
    • Stretch - Expands the non 16:9 image horizontally to fill the 16:9 screen
    • Partial Zoom - A hybrid of the Zoom and Stretch modes that minimizes cropping effect of the zoom mode and image distortion of the stretch mode.
    • Normal - each side of a 4:3 image can be masked with black bars
    • Gray bars - each side of a 4:3 image can be masked with gray bars


  • High-definition component video output (Y/Pb/Pr): The most widely used HDTV video interface.
  • Integrated 8VSB off-air digital tuner:  For reception of off-air digital broadcasts (including high-definition). Analog off-air pass through on coax TV Set Out only.
  • Integrated Enhanced HD tuner for viewing of expanded high-definition and standard-definition programming.
  • Supports all 18 ATSC (8VSB) input formats.
  • Outputs both 720p and 1080i HDTV resolutions in addition to 480i SDTV resolutions. 1080i and 720p HDTV formats represent the ultimate in picture quality offered by our HDTV standard.

Technical Aspects

  • 4.1 IR Universal Remote (1)
  • DISH Comm

DISH Comm allows supported receivers to communicate with each other through the electrical plug and house AC wiring and be able to see if one of them has a phone line connection. When it is time to download PPV purchases, the receiver will route the information to the phone line connected receiver to dial out and report. This communication will include information of which receiver the purchases originated. One DISH Comm receiver must be connected to a phone line.

  • Front Panel Buttons (5): Power, System Info, Up, Down, Select
  • Power (green)
  • IR Blaster: Sends an infrared command to VCR to record programmed shows.
  • Low Battery Indicator: If the remote control batteries are low, a small “Low Battery” text indicator appears in the view banner whenever the view banner is displayed.
  • MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 compliant:  Method to compress digital signals. This way, the amount of information that has to be sent decreases. MPEG is a compression method. Thanks to this compression, it is possible to combine several channels onto one satellite transponder.
  • Power supply draw: 0.15 - 1.25 amps, average 0.25 amps; 15 - 230 watts, average 60 watts, exact on back panel
  • Smart Card door (a Smart Card is not used; Smart Card technology is built into the receiver)
  • Software upgrades via satellite
  • Software Version Control: Software Version Control will allow some receivers to self-maintain their software version.
  • Standby Reset:  Standby Reset helps to reduce problems by clearing errors encountered over the previous 24 hours.
  • Super Diagnostics :  Super Diagnostics allows faster access to important system information and settings. Press Menu - Menu to access System Info 1. Hot Key explanations are available under How To.
  • SuperDISH support
  • System Information available at a button push: Press the Sys Info button on the receiver.
  • Wireless Phone Jack support


    Back Panel
    3-prong power cord
    (1) Satellite antenna input, blue F-connector
    (1) Telephone Jack; not compatible with VoIP (broadband phone)
    (1) TV antenna/cable input, black F-connector
    (1) HDTV Digital Audio/Video output (HDTV TV1)
    (1) Set Y/t Y/Pb/Pr High-definition Component output (HDTV)
    (1) Dolby Digital/PCM digital optical output
    (1) S-Video Output (SDTV)
    (1) Set RCA-type audio/video output (SDTV)
    (1) Modulated TV Set output
    (1) USB 2.0 port for future use
    (1) Ethernet port for future use (211 ONLY)
    * Both SD and HD outputs are active at the same time.


      We are a DISH NETWORK authorized retailer.

      Check here for latest offers on Dish Network programming for new customers.  

      After you get and install your new receiver, call Dish Network to activate the receiver.


      To receive local FREE OTA local HDTV TV channels, add Off Air Antenna to your receiver above.

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