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DishPro Satellite Receiver

Dish Network DISHPRO 322

Dish Network DISHPRO 322

Dish Network DISHPRO 322 Back panel

Only $159 While supplies last

DISH 322 features two tuners for independent satellite TV viewing on two separate televisions, all in a slim-line chassis design.

• Two tuners for independent viewing of satellite TV programming in two rooms with a single receiver.
• “Agile modulated mono output” can send the second tuner’s signal to multiple televisions via home
• DISH Home Interactive TV.
• On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with access to up to two days of program listings/information.
• Parental control locks, themes lists, favorites lists, browse, one-touch channel return, closed-caption
support and alternate audio.

• “TV1” operates via infrared remote control commands; “TV2” operates via UHF Pro remote
control commands.
• One Infrared (IR) 4-component universal remote control – controls “TV1” (the room with the DISH 322
receiver). Can be programmed to operate (via IR) up to three additional components.
• One UHF Pro/IR configurable 4-component universal remote control. Controls “TV2” (second TV location)
when configured for UHF Pro (blue key); can control “TV1” if configured for IR (green key).
• Configured as “TV2” UHF Pro remote, it controls satellite receiver up to 200 feet away through
walls and other obstructions. It can be programmed to operate (via IR) up to three additional components, such as TVs, VCRs and DVD players.
• “Recover” button toggles through TV inputs to assist customer in returning to satellite programming (future

Dish Network DISHPRO 322 remote conrtolFRONT PANEL FEATURES
• Buttons: Power, Channel Up, Channel Down
• Indicator Lights
• Green “POWER” TV1 LED indicates the TV1 tuner is on
• Blue “POWER” TV2 LED indicates the TV2 tuner is on
• IR remote sensor, IR blast emitter (TV1 only)
• Door and smart card receptacle (unused)

• 2 satellite tuner inputs
• 1 UHF Pro remote antenna input
• 1 telephone jack
• 3-prong power cord
• TV1 Connections
• 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs
• 1 S-video output
• 1 RF modulated output (channel 3/4)
• 1 TV antenna/cable input
• TV2 Connections
• 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs
• 1 agile modulated output (channels 21-69; 73-125); mono audio

• Dimensions (approx.): 1.75”H x 15”W x 10.625”D
• Weight (approx.): 5.25 lbs.
• Color: Matte black with silver buttons
• DISH 322 Standalone Receiver Part number: 119941

Dish Network DISHPRO 322 features


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*Requires Caller ID subscription with local phone company. Phone line must be connected to receiver.


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Return Policy NOTE:

We can only accept Dish Network or DirecTV receivers returns if it is un-opened and un-activated (subject to 20% restocking fee). See Return merchandise for Refund.  No refund will be issued for activated receivers.

If the new receiver you get is opened and you believe there is a defect in it, it should be covered by manufacturer's warranty and should be returned and replaced by manufacturer directly.  Sadoun DOES NOT ACCEPT OPEN RECEIVERS back.

Dish Network RA procedure (within 1 year of purchase):

Call Dish Network customer service at 1-800-333-DISH (3474) and request an RA for a defective receiver.  You may also request an advanced replacement if you wish.

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