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AIMR2 Advanced Installation Signal Meter for DIRECTV Satellite Dishes


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Efficient, Rugged and Versatile

The AIM was developed by DIRECTV®, Trilithic and Indesign to provide customized features for installing and troubleshooting DIRECTV® satellite receiver systems. The AIM is a rugged meter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A fully charged AIM can be use for all aspects of installation and troubleshooting as many as six single-family homes.

The Aim is the a DIRECTV Specific satellite installation meter, that tunes to ANY DIRECTV Transponder - national and local spot beams.Powers all LNBS including SL3 SWM and SL5 SWM.

The AIMs large display and keypad make it easy to navigate to the many features of the meter. On-screen directions guide the technician through ODU installation, extended installation verification, and other troubleshooting tests. A USB port is providedto transfer data from the AIM to a flash drive, and for upgrading the AIM firmware.

Extended Installation Verification (EIV)
EIV can be performed right after ODU alignment whiel the technician is on the roof to uickly confirm that pointing is satisfactory. This gives the installer confidence that IRDs isntalledi n the home will pass IV. EIV can also be used as troubleshooting tool to pinpoint problems anywhere within a distribution network.

Several additional troubleshooting features can be used to quickly identify fault equipment in an installation. the AIM Allows testing of individual cable runs in the distribution network, tuning to any DIRECTV satellite transponder, testing communications between the SWiM and the IRD, measuring in-line voltage, current and tone, and performing a complete transponder survey.



Frequency Range 250-2150 MHz
Signal Level Range -10 to -69 dBm
RF Input Connector Replaceable F Connector (2)
Input Inpedence 75 OHM
LNB Power Supply 13 Volts/ 18 Volts
SWiM LNB Power Supply 21 Volts
Communications USB flash drive
Battery 8 - cel, 9.6 Volts, 3.8 AH rechargeable NiMH
Operating Temperature -20° to + 125°F (-28.9° to + 51.7° C)
Storage Temperature -40° to + 150° F (4.4° to 37.8° C)
Battery Charging Temp. 40° to 100° F (4.4° to 37.8° C)
Display 240 x 160 pixel, transflective backlit LCD
Weight 2.54 lbs. (1150 g)
Dimensions 244 x 118 x 59 mm
9.6 x 4.6 x 2.3 in.

During Installation--
Point all DIRECTV ODUs (beacon peak)
Perform Extended Installation Verification (EIV) at the ODU
Perform EIV at the drop if needed
Provides key SWiM Meter functionality -- Tr & FSK comm verification
For Troubleshooting---
Run EIV at any location within installation
Tune any DIRECTV National or Spot beam transponder in zip code (Sat Tune)
Report power, Es/No, LNB freq. offset and lock status
Measure Cable Resistance (Cable Resistance Test)
Log Test Results
Use Transponder Survey to measure parameters for all allowed transponders in zip code
Measure in-line current, voltage, and tone amplitude

Satellite tuner and demodulator operates over 250-2150 MHz range
Provides power, Es/No, frequency offset and lock status
Works with or without B-band Converters
DiSEqC signaling for multiswitch and BBC control
FSK modem for SWiM control
Power supplies for 13/18V (LNB and MS) and 21V for SL3S and SL5S
Will not power a standalone SWiM
AIM operates while plugged into AC
Firmware and databases upgradeable using USB flash drive

The meter has a function called "TRANSPONDER SURVEY" which will tell you if you're missing any transponders from any satellites, this data can also be saved and transferred to USB memory stick for logging purposes.



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